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Rutialated Quartx Rudraksha Mala Necklace, Rutilated Quartz 108 Mala Bead, Meditation Yoga Necklace, Crystal Quartz Mala, Yoga Tassel Mala

Rutialated Quartx Rudraksha Mala Necklace, Rutilated Quartz 108 Mala Bead, Meditation Yoga Necklace, Crystal Quartz Mala, Yoga Tassel Mala

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These mala's have been designed and beads are configured with consultation and blessing from Yoga Guru's.

Size of Beads - 8mm
Quantity of Beads - 108+1
Length of String - 90 cm / 35 inches
Drop of Mala including tassel - 54 cm / 21 inches
Tassel - BEAUTIFUL Premium Silk Tassel with Golden thread on top
Type of beads - Rudraksha + Rutilated Quartz + Diamond Cut Rock Crystal

Rutilated quartz is also known as Rutile quartz or Venus Hair Stone. Rutile quartz is reputed to be an energizing stone that helps get energy moving on all levels. Intuitive sources say that it assists with mental focus. Rutile quartz is also said to attract love and stabilize relationships. Rutile quartz is said to be particularly effective for getting things moving energetically.
Rutile quartz can help slowed chakras return to normal spin and balance. Emotionally, Rutile quartz is said to be very helpful in uncovering the causes of mental issues and hang -ups. Rutile quartz is reputed diminishes fears and be excellent at assisting with decision-making processes. Rutile quartz is said that it can also ease loneliness and relieve guilt thereby bringing happiness happiness. Rutile quartz is used metaphysically to help one get out of a rut with their life as well as for stabilizing emotionals and mental processes, clarifying thought patterns and emotional reactions. Rutile quartz is also said to increase one's self-reliance and ability to find one's own way. Physically, Rutile quartz is said to be beneficial for food disorders, the immune system, regeneration of tissue, fatigue, depression, respiratory illness, stability of all physical systems and general health, and absorption of nutrients from food. Rutile quartz is also reputed by intuitive sources to be helpful for getting energy moving in meridians and areas where the physical energy is sluggish. Rutile quartz is also a mystical crystal "diagnostic tool" which can help discover the true cause of an ailment. Rutile quartz is associated with the solar plexus chakra, and is sometimes considered a link between the root and crown chakras.

Rudraksha itself symbolizes Lord Shiva. “Rudra” stands for Lord Shiva and “Aaksha” for Shiva’s tears. Lord Shiva himself is the first ardent user and admirer of Rudraksha. Later devotees and sages began using Rudraksha as a blessing from Lord Shiva himself to protect mankind from worldly sufferings and miseries. With the development of modern science, many scientists researched for evidences that support the ancient belief on the significance of Rudraksha. All the scientists came up with the findings that reassured and confirmed the divine power of Rudraksha beads. Individual from every walk of life irrespective of caste, creed, religion, nationality or gender can use Rudraksha to gain maximum spiritual, physical and materialistic benefits.

Crystal is also known as Shphatik in India. It is a transparent stone with lustre and is cool in nature. According to Astorlogy it is related to Planet Venus. It is a substitute of Diamond. It has the same qualities as the diamond and therefore it can be easily worn without hesitation. Crystal do not need to be energized as crystal is supposed to be energized by itself.Using a mala made from Crystal aids concentration, cools the body, and calms the mind. Wearing a crystal malas ensures a sound and undisturbed sleep.



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