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Rudraksha & Crystal Mala - rudraksha Snow Quartz Mala - Combination Rudraksha Crystal Mala - 108 Beads Mala - Tassel Mala - Prayer Beads

Rudraksha & Crystal Mala - rudraksha Snow Quartz Mala - Combination Rudraksha Crystal Mala - 108 Beads Mala - Tassel Mala - Prayer Beads

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Long necklace (made of 55 rudraksh beads and 54 snow quartz crystal beads) seen in this picture. The rudraksh seeds used in this necklace are grown in the Himalayan villages of Nepal (the native homeland of Rudraksha) which are favored and valued more than other Rudraksh seeds. These beads are fine (not rough), ripe and hard "real" rudraksh seeds that "SINK IN WATER". The snow quartz beads used in this necklace are also real whose natural coldness can be felt whenever the beads touch any part of the body. Whenever you strike any two snow quartz beads in darkness you can see it sparking. Other description of this necklace is as in the following table and texts:

Rudraksha mala with 8 mm Rudraksha beads & premium sphere cut crystal beads.

Total number of beads - 109

Size of beads (diameter) 8mm (approx)
Length of Necklace - 90 cm (approx)

Number of rudraksh beads used - 55

Number of snow quartz beads used - 54

Facets (mukhi/lines) of rudraksh beads - 5


Rudraksha mala has been used by Hindus (as well as Sikhs and Buddhists) as rosary for thousands of years for meditation purposes to sanctify the mind, body and soul. The word Rudraksha is derived from Rudra (Shiva—the Hindu God of all living creatures) and aksha (eyes). So, Rudraksha is related to Shiva’s eyes. One Hindu mythology says that once Lord Shiva became so compassionate after seeing the sufferings of mankind that He could not stop to shed tear from his eye. This single tear from Shiva’s eye grew into the Rudraksha tree. Rudraksha tree belongs to theElaeocarpus genus of the Elaeocarpaceae family that grows from the Gangetic plain upto the Himalayas. Rudraksha fruit is green in color but turns black when dried. The central hard Rudraksha uniseed may have 1 to 21 faces. The five-faced Rudraksha seeds are the most common. Besides as rosary for meditation, the Rudraksha mala is often used as a fashionable necklace or a bracelet. Thus it serves the dual purpose of fashion and protects the wearer psychologically.


This necklace is made of real (natural) snow quartz found in Himalaya (Nepal). The distinctive unique natural coldness of snow quartz is easily felt whenever any part of the body comes in its contact. This natural property (coldness) cannot be felt with the quartz crystals produced artificially by heat treatment. Natural quartz sparks when they are striked (strike the beads of this necklace in the darkness to see the spark to test if it is genuine). The Himalayan snow quartz is famous for treating stress, depression and for bringing the peace of mind.


Om Hreem Shivaya




Depression, stress, diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, blood related diseases etc.



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