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Black Onyx Stone Of Protection Mala 108 + 1 Beads Helps Releasing Negativity Yoga Raiki Meditation

Black Onyx Stone Of Protection Mala 108 + 1 Beads Helps Releasing Negativity Yoga Raiki Meditation

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Buddhists and Hindus both use prayer beads. In Hinduism they are more commonly known as Japa, and in Buddhism they are more commonly known as Mala. There are usually 108 beads and a top bead known as the Guru Bead or Sumeru. Smaller numbers of beads can also be used and are usually known as Wrist Mala or Power Bead Bracelets because they are worn around the wrist, which is useful if you are travelling.

Mala or Japa beads aid concentration when meditating. The Beads are usually held and moved between the thumb and third finger until the mantras have been completed. When you reach the Guru Bead or Sumeru, you turn the beads around and go back the other way, rather than crossing over the top bead. The index finger never touches the beads because it represents Ego, which is an impediment to self-realization.

Why 108 beads? There are many reasons – 108 is a sacred number to the Eastern religions and traditions.

BLACK ONYX is a stone of protection – it is best used against psychic attack and is used to break curses and hexes. It is a strength giving stone both physically and emotionally, which will support you in difficult times, making it easier to make decisions. It centres your energy, grounds you, and balances Yin & Yang, so that you can access higher guidance. Onyx is beneficial for teeth, bones, bone marrow, blood disorders and the feet.

ONYX is a Zodiac Birthstone for LEO & CAPRICORN


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