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7 Chakra Star Crystal Holder with 7 Healing bonded Wands Set Aether Star Grid OM, HEXAGON WANDS, Chakra Stone, Set Of 7, Healing Crystals

7 Chakra Star Crystal Holder with 7 Healing bonded Wands Set Aether Star Grid OM, HEXAGON WANDS, Chakra Stone, Set Of 7, Healing Crystals

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7 Chakra wands in Star format on tray in Star Aether format

Diameter of Wooden black tray - 7 cm

Height of 7 Hexagon Wands - 4 cm tall

Hexagon Wands used :


Lapis Lazuli

Blue Aventurine

Green Aventurine

Golden Quartz

Peach Aventurine

Red Jasper

· The Wand measure 9 cm in length and also feature a hook on top for it to be used as pendant or pendulum, We will supply black color cord with it for it be multi used.

· Please Be Aware: Due to the unique nature of this product no two items have identical markings. For this reason the item received may vary slightly from the photograph.

· This Wand is comprised of 7 Chakra healing stones bonded on a wooden black tray in star format

~ Red Jasper ~ survival, self preservation and security

Emotionally balanced ~ grounded, healthy, stable and assertive.

Emotionally unbalanced ~ insecure, fearful, aggressive, controlling and lacks confidence.

Affirmation ~ 'I have the right to be me exactly as I am'

2. Sacral chakra (Sanskrit name and meaning ~ svadhisthana ~ sweetness)

~ Peach aventurine ~ emotions and sexuality

Emotionally balanced ~ open and friendly, has respect for oneself and others

Emotionally unbalanced ~ withdrawn, feelings of guilt and over dependant

Affirmation ~ 'I am enough, what I do is enough, what I have is enough'

3. Solar plexus chakra (Sanskrit name and meaning ~ manipura ~ city of jewels)

~ Golden Quartz ~ self respect, personal power and confidence

Emotionally balanced ~ confident, optimistic and alert

Emotionally unbalanced ~ pessimistic, over sensitive, aggressive

Affirmation ~ 'I love and respect myself at all times'

4. Heart chakra (Sanskrit name and meaning ~ Anahata ~ unstruck sound)

~ Green aventurine ~ love, peace and balance

Emotionally balanced ~ generous, loving and compassionate

Emotionally unbalanced ~ bitter, jealous, fearful of commitment/betrayal

Affirmation ~ 'I am willing to love everything about myself'

5. Throat chakra (Sanskrit name and meaning ~ Vishuddha ~ purification)

~ Blue Aventurine ~ communication and self expression

Emotionally balanced ~ truthful, loyal and calm

Emotionally unbalanced ~ untrustworthy, cold and unable to express emotions

Affirmation ~ 'everything I do is an expression of love'

6. Third eye chakra (Sanskrit name and meaning ~ Anja ~ command)

~ Lapis lazuli ~ intuition and wisdom

Emotionally balanced ~ intuitive and clear sighted

Emotionally unbalanced ~ scatter minded, inability to trust intuition and inconsiderate

Affirmation ~ 'I trust whatever comes to me is for my greatest good'

7. Crown chakra (Sanskrit name and meaning ~ Sahasrarra ~ thousandfold)

~ Amethyst ~ Divine peace, inner wisdom and oneness

Emotionally balanced ~ spiritual awareness, empathy and knowledge of the self

Emotionally unbalanced ~ depressed and confused

Affirmation ~ 'I am divinely protected and guided'

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